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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding the lost me.

The theory was simple. 

Be like a fish which lives in the sea, 
No matter how salty the surrounding might be, 
The saltiness do not affect the fish luckily. 

Do not be like a fish on the land, 
With just a pinch of salt from a hand, 
It turns salty unable to withstand. 

A fish is able to preserve its bland taste although the surrounding is salty, 
because its heart is ALIVE. 

A fish easily turns salty due to a small pinch of salt, 
because its heart is DEAD. 

Finding the lost me, 
Meaning finding the heart in me. 

Am I the living fish or the dead one? 

Am I affecting my surrounding or am I affected by it? 

Can I go back to my home town for a while? 
I suppose my heart is somewhere there, lingering around them.